Prosim o pomoc s cache

Ked idem spustat aplikaciu beziacu cez javu objavi sa mi nasledujuca sprava:

"Error_loader_nocache - Unable to create cache directory.
Runescape was unable to find a suitable place to store its temporary files. To solve this please either:

Login to your computer as an ‘administator’ user, and then try loading RuneScape again. This should give it sufficient access to create its temporary cache.

Or, create a new directory called c:/rscache or /rscache. If possible, set that directory to have full read+write permissions so that all users can write to it. Runescape should then detect that directory and use it for its files.

If you are unable to do either of the above, then as a last resort you can tell RuneScape not to store any files on the harddisk. When entering the site and choosing between high-detail/low-detail also select ‘Unsigned Applet Using Default Java’ from the dropdown scroll at the bottom of the detail select page. You will need to do this everytime you load the game. The disadvantage of this is the game will load slower, so if possible use one of the top two solutions instead.

If problems persist then please refer to our technical FAQ which can be found in the FAQ section of our website."

Viete mi prosim poradit ako to nastavit na linuxe? dakujem

Posledny bod je neprakticky s dovodu pomalej rychlosti hry beziacej pod ‘Unsigned Applet Using Default Java’

Ak mi bude niekto ochotny poradit s tymto problemom pre vyskusanie navstivte:

No ja nevim… to jsou tri odstavce rad. Zkousel si vytvorit ten adresar /rscache a menit mu prava?
su -
mkdir /rscache
chmod 777 /rscache

No to s tym vytvaranim som uz skusal pred par dnami aj som menil prava, ale napriek tomu to neslo…
A tie priecinky “mkdir” a “chmod 777” kde mozem najst?

To jsou prikazi linuxoveho shellu. Doporucuji prirucku, kapitola 11