aktualizace + instalace - not responding


som uplne novy vo fedore. Instalacia ziaden problem - super. Ked ale chcem aktualizovat fedoru (201 updates available) rozbali sa mi okno ‘retrieving software information’ ktore sa trochu rozbehne a potom zamrzne…nic nerobi…ked zrusim okno - tak sa mi vypise hlaska program not responding. Podobe spravanie je, ked chcem napr. instalovat nejaky program (skype).

Ak pomozu logy - poslem, len neviem ake…

Vopred velka vdaka.

Zdravim, tak uz som na to prisiel. Ak by mal niekto podobny problem tak tu je navod. Vyskusal som a 100% to funguje :o)

The software updater is broke on a new install.
There have been many changes to the system with all those updates.
So you need to update with yum and do it in steps so it will use the best updating method and allow all the updates to complete.

First reboot to get a clean system running.
After rebooting in a root terminal program (Menu - Application, System Tools, Terminal)
su -

yum clean all
yum update yum rpm

This gets the latest package manager software.

yum check-update

This will find and stage the yum for updates. (Like priming a pump)

repeat every 35 min until you get the package list.

#yum clean metadata
#yum check-update

When successful you want to use the console to actually update to avoid hangs on the gui and other buggy programs. So do this

setenforce 0

This puts SELinux in to permissive state to reduce updating failure.

telinit 3

This will close the Desktop GUI (Gnome) and fall into the console.

There will be a logon prompt (if not pres enter 1 or 2 times.)

logon on as root and you are ready to update

yum update

this will take a long time

When yum is complete then do

setenforce 1

turns SELinux to enforcing state.

touch /.autorelabel

relabels the SELinux contexts at boot time


I have used this method many times and it works (baring other problems such as hardware, new bugs, your configuration, etc.)

Huh… to je tedy dost drasticka metoda… byval bych rekl, ze prosty yum update z prikazove radky musi fungovat.